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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Stockholm (2 CD) Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Stockholm (2 CD)
The Swedish capital of Stockholm plays host to the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in May, following Swedens victory at the 2015 Contest in Vienna with the song "Heroes", performed by Måns Zelmerlöw.

Eurovision Song Contest Stockholm 2016 (3 DVD) Eurovision Song Contest Stockholm 2016 (3 DVD)
Coverage of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest held in Stockholm, Sweden. As well as footage of all the songs performed at the event, the programme includes behind-the-scenes access to the semi-finals and the Grand Final, which was won by Jamala of Ukraine.

Евровидение: Официальная история конкурса песни Евровидение: Официальная история конкурса песни
Издательство "Амфора" представляет уникальный справочник - здесь с исчерпывающей полнотой изложена вся более чем полувековая история этого песенного состязания.



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VODKA – Video clip and Website

Eurovision 2008 The video clip for the Maltese entry “VODKA”, has been launched today during an Exclusive Premiere party at the Eden Century Cinema. All the cast and team involved in the production, including the composer Philip Vella, lyricist Gerard James Borg, and members of the local and international press were present.

Directed by Mark Vassallo from “WE”, the video was shot in the last days and shows Morena as the sensual, international spy who manages to filter through the head quarters of a criminal organization and break the code – VODKA. In this fast-paced video, peppered with stunts and action, explosions, and high-tech gadgets, we see Morena flirting with danger, and manoeuvring her way through a series of twists. Morena, proved to be not only a good singer, but also a daring athlete!

The video clip will be on line in the next hours.

The new Eurovision version of VODKA was remixed and mastered in one of the best studios in Stockholm by Ronny Lahti (Roxette/Europe). Aboard the production team was composer/producer Philip Vella, Sean Vella, and Thomas G:son.

International fans and journalists can now listen to VODKA and are invited to communicate with Morena via her Official website which is being launched simultaneously with the VODKA video clip. Apart from listening to the 2008 Maltese entry one can also listen to the club mix, and to “Casanova” – Morena’s 2nd entry in the Malta Song for Europe.

The VODKA video clip may be watched via this link

Разместил: Eurovision | Дата: 21.03.2008

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